Andrew | Managing Director


My role at Blue Sword

Hello! I am the Managing Director at a Glaswegian digital marketing agency called Blue Sword. I have worked in strategic marketing agencies for over 20 years. A mixture of in-house and full-service external. In that time, I have been lucky enough to have worked with organisations across many different sectors; armed forces, charity, finance, hospitality, retail, logistics, and industrial. Creating communication strategies that span all media. However, it is digital marketing that has given me the biggest buzz, possibly because it hasn’t finished evolving, there is still so much to come.

When I’m not working, I love to spend my time outdoors, that could be as lazy as watching sport or slightly less lazy playing it. Although the ocean is probably my go-to outdoor space – Indian rather than Atlantic!

Working at Blue Sword gives us all the opportunity to work with such a fantastic range of organisations, all with one thing in common, a passion for their business. The opportunity to help create a simple digital plan, watch it come to life, see the measurable results, then watch a business grow is the ultimate reward. Then of course there is the Blue Sword team that work to achieve this, where nothing is too much trouble, they are always eager to solve a problem. A positive vibe always exists.