Tom | Operations Manager


Hello there,

I am the Operations Manager here at Blue Sword. My passion is streamlining internal processes for optimisation to provide a high level of customer service and satisfaction. I strive to communicate effectively and inspire people daily; high quality customer service is crucial in my role, and I will always take the time to understand our customers’ needs. With over 8 years of experience in business management most recently leading a team of over 30 individuals, gained me invaluable insights into what makes people tick and which marketing activities are most impactful when scaling a business.

When not at work you can find me spending time with my partner and daughter or letting off some steam in my fitness club. I also enjoy eating out at any opportunity and enjoying the local countryside!

Joining Blue Sword, a year ago provided the opportunity to understand and grow a variety of businesses through our products, it’s something new every day. Digital Marketing is a key component for any business, and ensuring your vision is brought to life through use of our Digital Strategy including our 4 Step Growth process is the sole focus at Blue Sword. The ‘can do’ culture at here, instilled on daily basis by the whole the team is why we succeed for our clients. The thing I enjoy the most, is bringing a businesses’ vision to life and sharing growth together.