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JLC Property Lettings

JLC Property lettings is a Glasgow based letting agency making the experience simple for both landlords and tenants.

JLC originally came to Blue Sword as a web client before adding SEO to improve their rankings and get more traffic to the site.

Once we could see SEO working well with great results, we started working with JLC to manage PPC ads on Google.

End Results

We have seen almost 30,000 impressions to date, with a click through rate just under 7%, well above the 2% average. We have worked to reduce cost per click for the client and increase conversions on their enquiry page.

SEO Services

As part of our plan to grow our business we needed to increase our website traffic. Blue Sword provided us with great ideas, and I would highly recommend Blue Sword to any company looking to boost their business through digital marketing.

JLC Property Lettings

Business Owner