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How to choose the right website partner?

website design in progress

A great website has never been more essential to growing a successful business. The market is saturated with so many web design agencies, all vying for your attention and offering something that their competitors don’t. The choice available can be simply overwhelming. So, what are the key elements in choosing the perfect web design agency?

Know your requirements & find an expert

First things first, make sure you have a clear understanding of what you want your website to do. Every website is different, so before you start looking for an agency, compose a list of all the features & functionality you want from your website. This will all form the start of your brief to the agency you’ll choose, and the more clarity you can give them, the better the results will be. When you talk to them ask for their insights, and then question those insights.

Do your homework

Any agency worth their salt will be able to direct you to happy customers who are prepared to give you a testimonial and do ask to see some example websites that they’ve previously built. Find out how the agency operates do they have a proven process for designing and building a website? If so, what is that process? and does it meet your requirements and how you like to work?

Choose an agency that can help you grow

Your website will need lots of love, probably more so after it’s launched. The relationship with the web design agency should be an ongoing one. Building a website is the first step. Your best agency partner will be the one that ensures you grow, your website grows, and your digital presence grows. Choose an agency that will look after you, not only through the website design & build, but also afterwards. Look for an agency that can offer more than just a beautiful design. There is no point in having the best-looking website if no one can find it. As we discussed in our blog on SEO and Web Development relationship, it’s vital in the planning of the website that SEO is considered, the site structure is firmly agreed, and pages are built to convert. These are all key components to ensure the site will be optimised for search engines. So look for an agency that has SEO expertise and the know how to optimise your new website for search engines.

How big is the team?

While a single designer will more than likely offer favourable rates, what happens when they are working on another project or on holiday, will they have the hours in the day to help with ongoing work? Your website is a fundamental factor in your business, so ensuring there is always someone on the other end of a phone is a must.

Is any of the work outsourced?

It’s not uncommon that agencies will outsource some design or development work to other agencies or freelancers. In fact, we are in favour of it, it means the agency can call upon experts if required, but importantly they manage the process. Do find out what they may outsource, if they have regular partners, and what websites they have worked on together.

The small details add up!

If the site is brand new find a partner that has experience in purchasing domain names and let them manage it. Ask if the agency has expertise and experience in managing the hosting of a website. And what that hosting will cover, do they have a service level agreement? What happens if the website goes down? Can they manage your site security certification?

There are many things to consider and many agencies to choose from, of course we would be delighted to see if we could help with your requirements, please do get in touch and we can have help shape your digital future.