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Why Remarketing Has a Great Return on Investment

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In our last post, we spoke about showing brand personality on your website, but what about actually getting your brand out there? As well as the usual goal of bringing in sales, paid advertising, and in particular, remarketing, can be a great way to improve brand awareness by showing your ads to people who already recognise your brand or are interested in your products.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, or retargeting, is the ability to show your online advertising to people who have already been on your website, interacted with your page or used your app. For example, have you ever looked at a pair of trainers online, then seen them appearing on ads whenever you browse Facebook or check your emails? This is remarketing.


Marketing in this way has a lower cost per click, or cost per impression. You can also increase your conversion rate by as much as 150% because your targeting is so specific. People are more likely to click on an advert when they recognise the brand (another reason why strong branding is important) and if they have already shown an interest in your business, they are more likely to convert.

You can also use retargeting to focus on different selling points than those that you use in your main ad. You can address any objections that you think your customers might have.

How to do it

Remarketing can be done on Facebook Ads and Google Ads, as well as through some other platforms which are designed for remarketing. You can also use personalised emails. For example, an abandoned cart email where you send a message to customers who had items in their basket but did not complete their purchase.

The most common way to set up a remarketing campaign is using a pixel. This is a piece of code put into the back end of your website. This piece of code can then alert remarketing tools when someone has been on your site, or on specific pages. This is what websites refer to when you are asked if you accept “cookies”.

We can help

If you would like to work retargeting, or re-marketing, into your marketing strategy, we can help! We would be happy to discuss this with you and help you to build a targeted campaign. Get in touch here.